Transform the health
of your

Together with 1:1 trust-based human relationships and intelligent data analytics, Vida improves health outcomes across your population, lowering the costs of healthcare while increasing productivity.

Why Vida?

1 in 3 employees have pre-diabetes, hypertension, or are living with a chronic condition. 1 in 4 experience mental health issues including stress, anxiety and depression.


Your employees want help hitting their health goals. On average, we enroll approximately 70% of targeted employees.

Employee Enrollment


77% of Vida users are active on a weekly basis—significantly higher than a traditional wellness or disease management program.

Weekly active engagement

We deliver

78% of Vida users lose weight and see at least a 10-25% reduction in A1C, blood pressure or cholesterol. Vida increases medication compliance by 40-50%.

Users who
lost weight
A1c, Blood pressure or blood cholesterol

You Save

We lower overall healthcare costs by reducing utilization and by lowering the long-term health risk of your population. If the estimated 50% of your employees who have a chronic or mental health issue engage with Vida, your organization could realize annual savings from decreased medical spend and absenteeism along with increased productivity.



Estimated # of people with chronic or mental health condition


Estimated savings on medical costs


Estimated savings on indirect costs

Vida is deployed at Fortune 500 companies, payers, and providers

Self-insured employers

Help employees prevent, reverse, and manage their chronic and mental health conditions while decreasing avoidable healthcare utilization and lowering overall healthcare costs.

Health Plans

Vida offers a new approach to chronic care that drives significantly better outcomes compared to traditional wellness and disease management programs.

Health providers

Vida's pre- and post-procedure care management helps reduce re-admissions, increase medication compliance, and improves patient health and outcomes.

A health & wellness benefit your employees will love

health coach

Each employee gets matched with a Vida health coach based on their biometrics, health goals, desired coaching style, availability, and location.


Mobile apps
& devices

Using Vida's iOS and Android mobile apps, your employees can communicate with their coach, get educational content, connect devices, and track their medication, diet, exercise, sleep, weight and a host of other vitals.


clinical programs

Your employees will be able to join evidence-based clinical programs to learn, track and have fun while making progress on their goals.

Care management platform

Vida simplifies employee health and wellness by aggregating data from health risk assessments, biometrics, and connected devices all in one platform. Coaches use our proprietary cloudbased, care management platform to communicate with patients.

Health & fitness analytics

Vida's health and fitness analytics platform integrates data from over 100 apps and devices. By analyzing data from various sources within the platform, Vida helps the user drive towards positive behavior change and outcomes to reach their health goals.

Priced for your success

In addition to offering a traditional pricing structure, Vida also offers performance-based pricing. In other words, fees are at-risk dependent on engagement and clinical outcomes such as weight loss, reduced HbA1c, cholesterol and blood pressure.

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