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Vida pairs you 1:1 with your own health coach. It’s like having your own personal trainer, nutritionist, nurse, mentor, therapist and accountability partner all-in-one, always by your side.

Personalized just for you

We understand everyone has unique health conditions and goals.
At Vida, we truly believe that a one-size-fits-all program can’t serve everyone’s health goals. That’s why we handpick the best coaches and health experts from across the country to make sure you get the most personalized health care you deserve between those doctor visits.

Consult 1:1 with a coach

Pick your health goals, coaching style, and availability—and we will instantly match you with Vida coaches that can best help and support you. Select a coach, then schedule a time for a comprehensive health consultation over phone or video.

Lose weight
manage diabetes
Drill sergeant style
Weekdays, 8-10am
Coach Yali
Diabetes Educator
  • Chronic Disease Mgmt
  • Medication Management
  • Heart Health
  • Diabetes
Coach Mindy
  • Meal Planning
  • Weight Loss
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • DASH, Mediterranean Diet
  • Cardiac Risk Reduction
  • Family Health
Coach Steve
  • Physical Therapy
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Exercise Program Developer
  • Weight Management
  • Stress Management

Track what matters

Take the guesswork out of your routine. Your coach will come up with a daily and weekly plan so you know exactly what to do—and what to track.

Vida connects to most health and fitness trackers

Whether you wear a Fitbit, track your calories on MyFitnessPal, or use Apple Health - you can securely and privately share exactly what you want with your coach.

Get daily support & motivation

Your coach will keep you accountable by checking in with you daily on your progress, and actively giving feedback as you track your actions.

Hey - I've noticed when your energy is low, you tend to have more sugar in the afternoon. How about mixing in proteins at each snack to stabilize your energy?
Great tip Lisa! I will try that tomorrow.

Join programs backed by clinical research

Vida programs are lifestyle and behavior change programs developed by our health experts using existing clinical research and partnering with medical institutions. Join a Vida program to learn, track and have fun while getting closer to to your goals.

Diabetes Prevention
Mindful Eating
Healthy Heart

As seen on

Penny lost 53 lbs in 6 months with Coach Jaya

“I'm proud of myself. I feel much better than I've ever felt in my life. And I'm much happier. [...] The difference with Vida is that I have accountability to somebody.”

Michael's HbA1c came down 23% with Coach JoAnn

“JoAnn personalizes my plan and she understands my situation. That makes a huge difference.”

Moriya takes fewer medications since working with Coach Nicole

“I am healthier now than I was when I was an athlete, before my injury. My Vida coach is amazing!!!”

Jenny lost 25 pounds in 2 months with Coach Melisa

“This program and my coach are helping me to achieve a healthy lifestyle that is completely sustainable for the rest of my life.”
Client examples presented above are not a promise or guarantee of weight loss or health improvement potential.

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